Because every body deserves to feel like home.

Providing size-inclusive therapy for people struggling with disordered eating through anti-diet, fat liberation, and social justice practices so you can feel at home in your body exactly as it is.

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Hi–I’m Dr. Emily Derouin (she/her), and I specialize in providing size-inclusive therapy for disordered eating.

This is a safe space for you and your body. You will never be asked to punish, “fix”, or control your body here. My goal is to help you reconnect with your body, and learn to honor what it needs.

If you are ready to give up dieting, your eating disorder, or hating your body, you’ve come to the right place.

My practice is rooted in fat liberation, anti-diet, Body Trust®, and Health at Every Size®.  The size of your body is not an indicator of your overall health or well-being. You are a multi-faceted person and your care should be as dynamic as you are. I want to help you let go of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you and discover a new way of having a relationship with your body.

My therapy style is approachable and relatable with strong social justice roots. Our relationship with our body is shaped by diverse and intersecting systems of oppression. Acknowledging and examining the unique impact of things like racism, anti-fat bias, healthism, ableism, sexism and many more will be an important part of our work together.

Your body is not the problem. It never was.

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Who is EBT for?

Every Body Therapy is for anyone struggling with their relationship to food and their body; you don't need to have an eating disorder to be welcome and seen here. If you've tried to get care for your disordered eating and other conditions but were not believed, had your concerns minimized or outright dismissed, and were not treated with respect due to how your body looks, Every Body Therapy is for you. If you don’t mind a therapist who swears, you are going to fit right in.

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About Dr. Derouin

I received my undergraduate degree in psychology at St. Norbert College and my Master’s and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from The University of St. Thomas. I spent my early career working in community mental health and Integrated Care settings. In addition to my formal training, I have lived experience as someone who struggled with an eating disorder. I am a PSYPACT provider which allows me to work virtually with clients in 39 states and territories.

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